Assisted Living


CarePredict® allows our residents to enjoy more independence and higher quality of life.  Our in-home sensors and predictive analytics capabilities detect changes in daily activities that could indicate potential health issues. Alerted to these changes, our nurse and care staff can intervene early to prevent avoidable high-cost care, such as ER visits and hospitalizations.

  • Monitor sleeping, toileting, activities

In-home passive sensors monitor senior members’ daily activities, gathering key data points that are used to detect changes in patterns that could indicate emerging health conditions.

  • Provide assessment and outreach

Changes in activity patterns alert our nurse, who contacts the care staff to assess the situation in the context of the identified changes.

  • Respond to changes in patterns of daily living

Our nurse provides daily Health Notes detailing activity changes and insights from the assessment, and propose interventions. This allows case staff to proactively facilitate interventions that can prevent an ER visit or hospitalization.