At BridgeWater Assisted Living, our goal is to be the upscale senior living community that most seniors can afford. We are Medicaid certified to receive payment for long-term care benefits that you may qualify for through the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). If you run out of money during your residency, or you’re eligible for Medicaid benefits, we can help you find the perfect location to call home at BridgeWater Assisted Living.

ALTCS helps Arizona seniors with a disability to qualify and find high-quality affordable care. The ALTCS program was created to provide financial assistance to seniors who cannot afford to pay for long-term care.

To find out if you or a family member are eligible to receive benefits, contact an ALTCS representative to complete an application. The standard application process will take 45 – 60 days, but if you need immediate care, the representative may be able to assist you while your application is still pending.

Our Community Benefits Advocate is also available to answer your questions and help you get your application started. Contact us at 602-281-9535.


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